Hi everyone. The Sanity Newsletter is the New Jersey Regional Newsletter for NA.


It has been around for decades. Many of you have seen it before, but not like this! What we are beginning here is an attempt to bring the region’s newsletter into the 21st century.


Today, information moves faster than ever. The drawback of a paper newsletter is that the information is sometimes outdated by the time it gets out to the fellowship. This online and subscription based newsletter is an attempt to remedy some of that.


It also offers a way for the fellowship to get involved like never before. Instead of going to a committee meeting somewhere in the state, or having to type and re-type articles you will have the ability to send your article directly to us and we will post it (subject to a trusted servant’s review for appropriateness, of course). The point is, it will be easier than ever for people to get involved and have there voices heard throughout the New Jersey fellowship.


If there’s an experience you’ve had in NA that you loved, send it. If there’s something you hate, send it. Anything in between, please send it. If you can’t make it to meeting and just want to share your experience strength and hope SEND IT! Your opinions matter because you are what makes the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. Who knows, your experience printed here might open some minds or change someones life, or maybe, you just get another day clean! We are all in this together and I hope that we can use this new tool to better communicate with one another.


So please get involved and submit your articles as we all get another day clean, together!


In loving Service

Jason G.

To submit your article please go to contact us.