The North East Zonal Forum, or NEZF, is an information sharing body created by member regions over 30 years ago. Regions throughout the Northeast United States, including NJ, meet twice a year to discuss any issues that affect us in common. Historically this has been simply an information sharing session. For a history and description of the NEZF please see an earlier article here.

The members of the NEZF (Regional Delegates) have been experimenting for years with trying various ways of providing some service beyond their information sharing mandate. These have included learning days and local NA workshops. Many times in the past the idea of developing a treasury has been brought up but failed to pass due to the fellowships interest in not creating another level of Service. 

Recent events at the World Service Conference and the fellowships votes on recent Conference Agenda Report motions have put Zones in general into play as new service bodies that as of yet have not been part of our service structure. This trend seems to be taking hold of the North East Regions as well.

Because the treasury is now important that we have a treasurer. At the last RSC our region voted to nominate member of our region as the treasure for the Northeast Zonal Forum. Jean Claude is the name of the trusted servant.