It seems that at the last Regional Service Conference a motion came from the Middlesex Area and was seconded by the Greater New Brunswick Area to look into cancelling the next Regional Convention. The reason being that there are not enough trusted servants filling roles for the next convention. There was a large amount of opposition to this. The motion failed unanimously which means, as far as I can tell from the minutes, that both of the Area’s that brought the motion must have voted opposed to it.

NJRCNA 34 will be happening. There are couple of strong members with extensive experience now on the convention committee, however, there is a a good number of positions that still need to be filled. Including a Convention Chair. If you want to support your regional convention now would be a good time to get involved. If interested contact your RCM and they will put you in contact with Jean Claude the BOT Chair. 

Themes have been submitted and voted on, the theme for this year’s Convention is found on page 126 of It Works How and Why in the First Tradition, “Threads in the Fabric of NA Unity” And they are also looking for submittals of a logo for this year’s convention theme. Flyers are out and also on the Facebook page, winner receives a basic registration!