The NJ Regional PI Committee has submitted a motion to have NA Helpline posters placed on New Jersey Transit buses and NJ Transit Stations. The motion has been sent back to the ASCs for final approval at the January RSC meeting. 

This Helpline Poster project will be the largest public information effort that we have done in New Jersey since we started having the Helpline phone number listed in phone books. We will be reaching thousands of addicts on busses that will see our New Jersey NA Helpline phone number and NA Website. 

For many of us, that slow ride on the bus was a time when we were feeling ‘Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired’ and maybe willing to ‘Talk to Someone Who Has Been There’. A ride on the bus and staring at an NA Helpline Poster could make the difference between going to get ‘just one more’ or making that phone call and asking for help. We don’t have to promote NA, we just have to let the addict know how to find us when they are ready.

 The start date for the contract is February 18 of 2019.  However, they need an approval to proceed by December 20, 2018 to avoid a $3000 cost increase that will occur on January 1, 2019. We do not have to give the final approval or pay any money until the January RSC meeting, but if you have any strong objections from your Groups or ASC in December, Please let us know before December 20, 2018.

 The proposed contract is through Intersection marketing, the contractor for New Jersey Transit advertising. The contract is for $9,658.40. This includes the $6,780 advertising cost plus $2878.40 printing cost.  The total value of this bus advertising that we will receive will be at least $100,000 worth of advertising. 

The NJ Region has already held $6,500 in a separate fund for this project. We will need an additional $3,000 if the project is approved. 

The posters will have the exact information as the information block on the Helpline poster. This information cannot be altered in any public display because it is what was approved by both regions for any printed material containing the NJ NA Helpline.

If you, your ASC or your Group wants more information, please cantact any member of the PI Committee.

In Recovery and Service through NA

Ray B.   –         NJRSC  PI Committee Chair –       (848) 448-4415     

Mickey R.   –   NJRSC  PI Committee Secretary  – (609) 476-3295