At the last world service conference a motion was made and passed to hold an annual PR week. This would be a week dedicated to Public Relations that the entire fellowship would recognize and hopefully take part in. 

It was recently announced by the World Board that the week would be the first week in June. This year that is June 3rd through the 9th.

Every PR area, regional, and zonal committee is encouraged to commit to at least one activity. 

These are some suggestions from members who participate in NA World Services PR web meetings and zonal PR/Fellowship development meetings. Members who generated these ideas suggested that PR subcommittees order Basic Text blue t-shirts that include the NA PR logo or the NA logo on the front, and the PR week slogan on the back, along with your area/regional/zonal website and/or helpline number. 

Suggested PR Week theme/slogan: We All Are PR

Activity ideas:

  • Commit to follow up with contacts previously initiated. 
  • Knock on one new door—reach out to a community provider. 
  • Have a poster/flyer or pharmacy card campaign.
  • Donate NA Basic Texts to local, school, and/or college libraries.
  • Participate in community health fairs, festivals, community resource days, pride day, etc.
  • Collaborate with another area on a combined PR activity.

Of course everyone is free to get creative and choose what may work best for your committee.