MARLCNA or Midatlantic Regional Convenference Of Narcotics Anonymous is one of the biggest and most well attended conventions held on the east coast. The reason it is called a Convenference instead of just a convention is because it is a combination of a huge convention as well as a multi regional conference. It’s held every year in February in Lancaster Pennsylvania. MARLCNA has been around for over 30 years. The region, Midatlantic Region, that hosts it is one of the oldest regions in the country. It’s called Midatlantic because it covered the entire middle section of the eastern seaboard and at one point in our history encompassed New Jersey.


In Conference Agenda Report years (every other year), it is one of the first places in the world that the world board members present the motions that will be voted on by the entire fellowship at the upcoming World Service Conference. In off-CAR (Conference Agenda Report) years it is the site of multi regional workshops presented by world board members and the local fellowship.


In 2018 the Midatlantic Region held MARLCNA XXXV. It was reported at Region by the our Regional Delegate that there was some discrepancy in the amount of money collected and what was being reported. It seems that $6000 has gone missing. We’ll keep you posted as our Regional Delegate reports more at future RSC’s.