The draft IP is out for review and input through 15 May 2019. We encourage members to read the draft and share their thoughts about it by completing the draft survey—all of which can be found at The review and input draft was posted January 28th 2019, and within ten days we had received 259 pieces of input. We are excited about the response to this proposed IP. The majority of the current input was positive, with comments including terms like “balanced and useful” and “well written.” From the feedback that was not as supportive, the focus of the comments touched on ideas such as “a program of abstinence, so no medication” and stating that this is an “outside issue.” As a reminder, this project was initiated by a regional motion in the 2016 Conference Agenda Report, which was overwhelmingly supported at the World Service Conference. As a result, we are following the will of the Conference with its creation.

A second face-to-face meeting of this workgroup will take place 13–15 June 2019 to consider the input received and to make changes to the draft. We plan to have an approval draft of this IP in the 2020 CAR. Please participate and encourage other members to do so as well.