New Jersey Regional Service Conference hosted a day focused on service, Carrying the Message Through Service, on October 20th at Rutgers – Livingston Student Center in Piscataway and it was a great success!  Success was measured by the 80+ member attendees as well as the feedback received from the end of day evaluations.

Below is a snapshot summary of the evaluation results that were completed by 52 attendees.

The extremely positive feedback received both verbally as well as the evaluation responses suggests this type of event is needed and desired and could potentially become an annual event should the region decide to do so (see Evaluation Scores chart above).

Our day started with an impressive history of NA that incorporated lots of details about how NA started in New Jersey which was then followed by an overview of our fellowship service structure.

The day continued with a panel of members (from our Region) that represented various Group and Area/Region trusted servant roles with panel members sharing and discussing various topics (how the role supported their recovery, what skills were necessary to help them fulfill their role/commitment, etc.).  

The facility selected for this event provided the perfect environment and technology to support a World Service Board member to participate via Zoom (video conference) from Dublin, Ireland who gave a great overview of World Service.  There was also a representative from the North East Zonal Forum (which our Region is a part of) who attended in person and presented the functions and role of the Zone and how the Zone supports the regions.

One of the highlights of the day was the various break out sessions where groups gathered and talked about issues as well as discussed how we can motivate, excite and inspire others to participate in service.  The breakouts were focused on:  The Group, Area/Region, and How Service Helps My Recovery as well as there was an open discussion with the Zone representative.

Our subcommittee discussed the idea of starting a trusted servant mentor program and included a few related questions on the evaluation form (i.e., “would you like to be a trusted servant mentor?   What roles do you have experience?”).  The goal of the mentor is to provide experience, strength and hope for someone taking on a commitment with limited to no experience.  There were approximately 30 responses from members that would be willing to participate.  The list of mentor volunteers will be passed along to the NJRSC in hopes of further development. 

Overall, it was a great day that provided learning, networking, and discussions on how we can support our fellowship, engage and inspire newcomers and old-timers to take commitments and help our fellowship thrive and grow so that we can continue to Carry the Message of Hope through Service to the addict still suffering!