FIPT stands for the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust. I know it’s a mouthful, sounds complicated and you’ve probably already zoned out on me.

If you are still with me I’ll try to simplify it. We, as the fellowship of NA own our literature. It belongs to all of us, right? This is the Fellowship Intellectual Property part. The literature is our property.

But we can’t all be responsible for it at once. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time being responsible for the stuff I own personally to worry about all the stuff that every member of the fellowship owns together. So we, as a fellowship, place our property (our literature) in the trust of members we have elected to the World Board of NA. This is the Trust part. The FIPT is the document of this agreement.

In it are things like; how much literature can be printed by groups and service bodies without getting the approval of the World Board. Why not? it’s our literature and we shouldn’t have to ask every time we want to, for example, throw an excerpt “For The New Comer” up on our Area website!

This document contains a whole range of issues regarding our literature and what we can and can’t do without getting approval of the World Board and what we ask them to do on our behalf with the literature we all own.

There are some changes being proposed to this document that will effect our relationship with our literature. As we get closer to the Conference Agenda Report we will be hearing more about these changes. So keep an eye out!