Questions to ask yourself… 

  • Where would I be if I never had the opportunity to hear the NA message?
  • What would NA look like without service?
  • Am I involved in service?  If not, why?
  • What information would I like to know more about regarding service?

In November 2018, the New Jersey Regional Service Conference (NJRS) voted to host a “Learning Day/Service Forum” with the intent “To help educate and provide resources to our local area”.  A Select Committee was formed and has been meeting regularly to plan and host an event that will cover service roles, service tools, and a review of the service structure.  So far, the ideas generated may include NA World Service and Zonal representatives, a panel discussion as well as small breakout sessions to encourage more conversation and discussion. During the event there will be time to network and fellowship where we can encourage one another to get involved and take a Group, Area or Region open commitment.  

While gathering information around the topic of Service, we found on the site that the top 2018-2020 Issue Discussion Topic (IDT) is “Attracting Members to Service”.  Getting members involved in service is a fellowship-wide issue.  One of the major points within A Vision for NA service states “Every member, inspired by the gift of recovery experiences spiritual growth and fulfillment through service”.

The committee meets via Zoom, a teleconference service on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  We use teleconferencing to allow members from various locations within the state to participate without having to drive long distances.  

Our program reminds us that we can only keep what we have by giving it away thus, sharing and caring the NA Way.

If you are interested in participating on this committee, please send an email to and we will send you the link for the meeting.