The bus poster project with the media marketing company for NJ Transit, ran from February 18th until June 9. We paid a discounted rate for 19 exterior bus posters on the sides and back of buses and received the space for 1,176 interior bus posters at no cost. The total cost for the project was $10, 000 for the contract and an additional $150 for the final artwork. The actual market value of the project has been stated as over $100,000. 

The plan for determining the effectiveness and success of the project was to judge the benefit of the project by any changes in the volume of contacts on the NJ Helpline and NJ website. No significant changes were found in the March or April volumes of either the NJ Helpline or the NJ website. The May and June statistics did show an increase on both sites. It will be difficult to measure any significant success with this project if measurable results are not positive. Some NA members with experience in public advertising have said that this does not mean that it wasn’t successful. We will consider all viewpoints before we make any final determination on this project or discuss doing this project again.