The Motion: To submit to the following motion for inclusion in the 2020 CAR: That the fellowship receive at least 2 review and input draft versions for all recovery literature projects before a final draft is in the CAR *both books and pamphlets *both new projects and amendments to existing 

Over the decades the way we approve literature in the fellowship has changed significantly. Gone are the storied days when huge swaths of the fellowship collaborated to give input into our literature like the basic text. Nowadays there is no World Literature Review Committee. When the fellowship asks for new literature to be written portions of it go out to the fellowship for review and input for a few months at a time. The result of that review and input isn’t seen until the World Board asks for the fellowship to approve the piece of literature in the conference agenda report. The report comes out in December and votes from the groups have to be in by May/April. Thats all the time we have to review and all that is asked is an up or down vote, it’s nearly impossible to get any changes at that point. Additionally, the Conference Agenda Report isn’t translated into other languages until much later and some not at all. Only english speaking members of our worldwide fellowship even get that limited amount of time to review it before voting. 

This motion asks that that time be extended so that the fellowship can give input on the final document and not just portions as they come out. The additional time may also allow more members of our fellowship (non english speaking) to participate in the development and approval of our life saving literature.