It’s that time in the NA service Cycle again. The Conference Agenda Report was just released. Usually referred to as the CAR, the Conference Agenda Report is where the members of NA decide issues effecting the entire fellowship. In it, this year, are 16 motions to be voted on by every one. Five made by the World Board and the rest come from NA regions throughout the world. A copy of the CAR can be found here.

The World Board is making a lot of motions that would significantly change the relationship the fellowship as a whole relates to our literature, including what can and can’t be reprinted by members of the fellowship. A lot of the regional motions are about creating new literature, like creating a new step study guide just for members who have been through the 12 steps using the current step study guide and want to do it again with a different book. Another motion wants to investigate ways to change our literatures language to be gender neutral.

This is our chance to take part in changes happening within our fellowship. Every home group in NA gets to participate in this. Tell you GSR you want to know more about what is going on so that your home groups voice may be heard.