The Keep It Simple Area is closing it’s doors. Their Treasurer came to Region in November and announced their closing. He stated that the closing is due to lack of trusted servants on the area and group level. It has struggled with getting GSRs and people with time to be involved in service.


The Keep It Simple Area or KIS (pronounced kiss) Area was formed in 2009 as a result of a split from the Capital Area. 5 Groups broke off the Capital Area to form KIS. As it closes it had 12 member groups. The Area was started over differences with how the groups should be served and what the priorities of an Area Service Conference should be. The KIS Area served groups located above Trenton and west. The groups are now dispersing to 3 surrounding Areas and a few are going independent.


The area was well funded with a large amount of literature and a healthy prudent reserve. They will be donating all left over funds to the New Jersey Region.