The New Jersey Regional Service Conference of Narcotics Anonymous

Discover What You Can Find on the North East Zonal Forum Website (

The North East Zonal Forum (NEZF) website is your gateway to a wealth of resources and tools designed to enhance our community’s engagement and service. Here’s a glimpse of what you can find on
  • Online Proposal Form: Easily submit your proposals online.
  • Online Regional Report Form: Submit your regional reports with convenience.
  • Videos Published by the Video Tools Workgroup: Access a variety of educational and informational videos.
  • Service Volunteer Form: Sign up to volunteer and contribute to our service efforts.
  • Service Request Form: Request assistance or services as needed.
  • Service Calendar: Stay updated with all our workgroups, committees, Zoom IDs, and a link to our Slack workspace.
  • NEZF Exit Poll: Provide your valuable feedback on any NEZF workshops, presentations, etc.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Next On-Line Zonal Meeting: Join us on July 28th at 3 PM. All are welcome to attend!
  • Next Hybrid NEZF Meeting: Scheduled for October 25th-27th. Our region is hosting, and we invite you to come check out the Zone!
Visit today to explore these resources and stay connected with the NEZF community. We look forward to your participation and feedback!

Sub Committees and Workgroups of the North East Zonal Forum (NEZF)

The NEZF is actively engaging with various subcommittees and workgroups to foster development and streamline our processes. Here’s a quick overview of our current activities and initiatives:

Committees and Workgroups:

  • PR Committee
  • H&I Workgroup (PR Committee):
    • Focuses on updating the Handbook and has recently completed a section on Virtual H&I Presentations. They meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Everyone is welcome to join.
  • Fellowship Development Committee
  • Video Tools Workgroup (FD Committee)
  • Strategic Planning Videos (Video Tools)
  • IT Services
  • Steering Committee
  • Guidelines Workgroup
  • NESSSNA Workgroup

How to Get Involved:

Zoom links to attend the meetings of these committees and workgroups can be found at under the NEZF Resources tab and then the NEZF calendar tab. We encourage anyone interested to join and see what the Zone is up to!

Latest Updates:

  • PR Committee: We are excited to announce that a newsletter is being added to the NEZF website, providing regular updates and insights into our activities.
  • H&I Workgroup: Apart from their monthly meetings, they are focused on updating service levels to include the zones. Their ongoing work can be accessed here. The goal is to print and distribute the updated handbook once it’s completed.
Stay connected and participate

NA World Services

New and Revised Step Working Material: Your Input is Needed!

The 2023 Conference Agenda Report (CAR) survey highlighted the need for new or revised Step working material, and the 2023 World Service Conference has prioritized this as a key focus for the current recovery literature project cycle. While NA already has extensive Step working materials, there is a demand for more diverse and updated resources to meet the varying needs of our members.

Existing Resources and New Developments

Our existing materials, drawn from NA’s books, are being compiled into the NA Survival Kit, set to debut at WCNA 38. However, given the importance of working the Steps in our recovery journey and the diverse approaches members take, the Fellowship has expressed a desire for additional or alternative Step working materials. To better understand what the Fellowship is looking for, we have launched a survey. The insights gathered from this survey will inform the development of a project plan for the 2026 Conference Approval Track material. Your feedback is crucial to this process. Please participate in the survey at Thank you for your help in shaping the future of our Step working resources. We encourage you to spread the word about this survey to other members. Additionally, if you have any resources you use for working the Steps, we would love to see them. Please send your materials to

New Contribution Option

In other exciting news, NA World Services (NAWS) has recently added VENMO to their website as an option for one-time contributions, making it easier than ever to support our ongoing efforts.

Upcoming Webinar

Mark your calendars for our upcoming webinar:
  • Date: 3 August 2024
  • Topic: Helping Addicts Find Us: Best Practices for Websites, Meeting Lists, and Flyers
This webinar will provide valuable insights into how we can enhance our outreach efforts and ensure that those in need can find us easily. For more information and to participate in the survey, visit Your involvement is invaluable in helping us create effective and relevant resources for the Fellowship.
We look forward to your participation and contributions!

Fellowship Development

NEZF FD is currently working on an outreach project that is part of the last strategic planning (Oct 2022).  With this project, we are reaching out to each Region within the NEZF to remind them that we are here to help.  As an example of some of the projects that we have supported in the past, we have supported various areas and regions in the development and presentation of workshops at conventions and service symposiums, we have developed trainings, and we have supported areas and regions in strategic planning, and supported them in the entire process.  

NEZF FD supports those seeking assistance through the use of the Service Request Form.